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Dell Diagnostics Help Please.... 1261

Anyone using Trend Micro's PCCillin 2006
I'm using the 2005 version of it on four computers (4 licenses, direct from Trend Micro's website...

first of all, if they are getting a boot error then the system was just booted. did they intentionally boot it or did it reboot on its own before reporting this error? i suspect it rebooted on its own. did you check the system logs for any clues as to why it rebooted? does the system have a raid controller? have you done any consistency check of the drives lately? i have more questions than answers, and fear that you may spend a lot of time running diagnostics (particularly disk diagnostics) and yield no concrete answers. did you call dell support regarding the error message? even out of warranty they do help poweredge customers and the help is as good as it gets. but to directly answer your question there is no way to predict the time it will take to run diagnostics, and it is likely a disk problem and that takes a long time to scan and detect. i suggest you qoute them 3 hours of diagnostics time and if nothing it found then cut your losses and purchase a new system. you may also want to quote them the cost of a new system and installation-migration as they may just choose to go that route and forget about repair to the 1600sc. if this is a critical system then that is probably the best and fastest solution.

Dim 2400 OS CD
Depends.... Dell have been changing the way they handle OS CD's. It used to be that you always got a...

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Anyone using Trend Micro's PCCillin 2006 talk from Newsgroups.

Dell Diagnostics Help Please.... 1260