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Dell Incentives to keep system

Dell sometimes offers incentives to keep a system rather than returning it.

You have to ask to return it and then listen to them tell you that you will incur return shipping (and initial shipping if it wasn't free) plus their restocking charge.

If you still say that you want to return the computer, they may ask what they can do so that you will keep it. Yesterday I said that I would be willing to keep it if I could have $200 off and a $100 coupon to spend on Dell products.

I ended up receiving $100 off a ~$1,200 system and a $50 coupon to spend on Dell products. Not bad for a system that I had already used a $750 off coupon for.

Note: I'm sure you can do this only for systems that are over a certain amount -- i.e. not for systems costing $399.

This is intended as an FYI for people who want to return -- if you wish to return a system but find out that you don't want to pay the double shipping plus restocking fees, at least you may be able to get some money back.

Also, if you want to avoid double shipping plus restocking, usually if you are persistent (and a customer who has bought a lot of Dell systems) you can get them to drop that. If your system is defective in some way and you want to get a different system, that increases your chances that they will waive restocking fees.

When I returned an Inspiron 6000 a few months ago I had to pay for return shipping but no restockingfee.

System infor E510 or 5150
I had a Dimension 4700 for about 10months and had "2" file folders with problem...


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