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Dell Optiplex GX270 replacement heat sink suggestions... 1852

Dell Diemension 9150
You may already know this but the harder the CPU works the hotter it gets, the hotter its heatsink gets, the more airflow over that heatsink...
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Well, it's kind of a long story...and before I begin, let me apologize about the late response. :)

Ok, here's the thing: I bought this PC a long while back, put in around 1.25 gigs of ram, two HDs, an ATI AiW Radeon 9800 Pro, a Firewire card and just all sorts of other stuff. I really love the PC, and have put a lot of work and money into it. Unfortunately, the one thing I hate about it happens to be the one thing I just can't put up with anymore: The Shroud's Fan noise(over the CPU heatsink).

Anytime the processor gets over 50% loaded this thing turns into a jet turbine. It's unbelievable how freaking loud it is(the GX280 also has this issue). I just can't put up with this anymore...and through some experimentation I think I may have found a solution. This solution would require a new, better heatsink, I believe. Here's the deal:

Using a fan shroud from a lower model(like the GX260) I never get the jet turbine thing. The fan simply doesn't support variable speeds(apparently) as it always turns at the same rate. Well, that's good and all...but I don't think it's turning fast enough to adequately take enough heat off the heatsink-CPU. I base this off the temperature readings I've taken using the original GX270's shroud and the GX260's.

So, what I'm thinking is: If I get a new heatsink, maybe one with a fan(the one I have right now has no fan), that's relatively the same size as the heatsink I've got now, then replace my original, loud-butt shroud-fan with the shroud-fan of another model(that only spins at one speed) I can kill the unbeliable noise and keep the CPU cooler than before.

What I'm running into now is just trying to figure out what heatsink to buy. I saw this one over at Silent PC and it seems alright:

Looks like it'd fit under the shround too, which is great. My only issue is, doesn't its fan take power from the little connecter that you put on the motherboard(the same one the shroud's fan is using now)? If so, I don't know how I'd go about plugging them both in as the motherboard only seems to have one of those connections on it. :(

Dell Optiplex GX270 replacement heat sink suggestions... 1853
snip) They don't use the same fan, and they can't. The pinouts are different. The GX280 fan (not unlike it's Dimension...

Again, I appreciate any and all suggestions. :)


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