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Dell has changed it policy on OS disk 619

dg1261 i received shipment *today* of a dimension 3000 that i bought for my girlfriend and her kids. no OS on cd. Worten, I'm working on a D3000 that just came last week, and it came with the OS CD--no drivers CD anymore, but it did have the OS CD. I wonder why yours would be different from mine. Just out of curiosity, did your D3000 come with a CD burner?....

it came with the single-unit cd-rw-dvd.

i haven't torn into it yet. i drove it over to my gfriend's place today and tore the box open only to see what software came with it. i'm going to be setting it up tomorrow.

Dell has changed it policy on OS disk 620
ZupaDupa how old are you? i'm guessing 13. don't worry. that bad case of acne to which your type are prone will clear up by your early to mid-twenties...

what i did notice was, in place of an OS installation cd, there was a sheet of paper with a graphic of such a cd on it with instructions on how to reload the system by clicking on this or that button on the desktop. unacceptable. :) i came home and internet chatted with one of their outsourced support people who verified my order information and promised that i'll receive the OS cd in 5-7 days.

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Dell has changed it policy on OS disk 620 talk from Newsgroups.

Dell has changed it policy on OS disk 618