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Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1214

"Tom Scales" screamed yet again:

How about making a suggestion to this poster?


There is no sound picked up from microphone (only when blowing hard straight into the mic there is a slight reaction...)


I've also spent well above $3000 on a high end system (about 2 weeks old), which is virtually useless to me without a microphone.

I've spent over 30 hrs on this issue myself and with Dell support who has done "the basic" walkthroughs over and over again. Several times I've been promised that they'd "do more research on the problem", and call me back which of course they never did...

So time to start all over again with a new phone call and a new technician...

Well, to make a very long story current status is they say they'd dispatched a new soundcard


My Audigy 2ZS soundcard was replaced yesterday. Now the system fuctions a little bit better than previously but still need max volume and 20dB boost, to make it pick up normal speech. The mic can still not be used properly in all its range...

Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1215
kony Previously: ----------------------------------------------------------- I have my mic volume all the way up, the booster on, and its still way too quiet. I had to practically put the mic in my mouth. I have been...


Well, I just installed my second Audigy 2ZS replacement card (a refurbished one, according to the package), and not surprisingly the issue remains exactly the same...

I told the support that another replacment likely wouldn't help, but what do they care.... He claimed he is not authorized to send another type of soundcard (and did not want to put me in contact with someone who was).


I'm still having the same issue. The Dell tech support (based in India I guess) does not reply anymore on email (even though I politely remind them). I got a reply to call the usual support phone number and want me to start all over again

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