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Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1221


Various types of microphones were tried from cheap to expensive, including, of course, Dell supplied mic. Here is what Dell said about the Dell supplied mic.

Microphone - low input (9-6-2000)

I have to yell into my Dell provided microphone

Just got off the phone w-Customer Service, they told me that the microphone provided was provided "as a COURTESY"

For the powered mic, get a load of what Tom Scales "bet" -- compare that with what he screamed today:

--------------------------------- (Tom Scales)

Mic recording low

I have a powered mic plugged in to the sound card, a Radio Shack model. Since my last post I also discovered the Ymf-diag.exe from the knowledge base, downloaded and ran it. I get exactly the same results as from running MS sound recorder; very low output either directly or if I saved a wave file and played it back.

On the sound recorder modulation line there is no apparent modulation unless I have the mic touching my lips. From a normal recording distance (~ 12") there is such a low sound to the speakers as to be undiscernable.

Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1222
OK, that's fine, but back to my question, Regardless of which sound card you have, in the specs for that...

Radio Shack mic will not record on Creative PCI 64V card

This computer is exactly two days old. It did not come with a mic so I purchased one from Radio Shack. With two fresh AAA batteries, installed, I launched Audio Recorder. No good. I tried to send an ICQ voice message; no good. Today I returned the mic to Radio Shack & they provided me with a replacement which tested aok on a hand-held cbuttette recorder in the store. INserting the two -contact banana plug into the red jack on the sound card proved this mic would not work, as well.

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Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1222 talk from Newsgroups.

Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1220