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Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1223

"Tom Scales"

And you go to church every Sunday, isn't that right, Tommy?

--------------------------- (Tom Scales)(10-31-05)

Mic recording low

I have a powered mic plugged in to the sound card, a Radio Shack model. Since my last post I also discovered the Ymf-diag.exe from the knowledge base, downloaded and ran it. I get exactly the same results as from running MS sound recorder; very low output either directly or if I saved a wave file and played it back.

On the sound recorder modulation line there is no apparent modulation unless I have the mic touching my lips. From a normal recording distance (~ 12") there is such a low sound to the speakers as to be undiscernable.

Radio Shack mic will not record on Creative PCI 64V card

This computer is exactly two days old. It did not come with a mic so I purchased one from Radio Shack. With two fresh AAA batteries, installed, I launched Audio Recorder. No good. I tried to send an ICQ voice message; no good. Today I returned the mic to Radio Shack & they provided me with a replacement which tested aok on a hand-held cbuttette recorder in the store. INserting the two -contact banana plug into the red jack on the sound card proved this mic would not work, as well. ---------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- Dell's Sorry History of Microphone-Soundcard Issue --------------------------------------------------

Here are the selected compilations of Dell microphone-soundcard issue posted in the Dell Dimension audio forum. Note that the problem was reported from the very beginning of the forum establishment in late 1999 and continuing to this day. It makes you wonder if Dell ever made functioning mic-soundcard.

Despite all the numerous problem reports spanning many years, Dell is unconscionably not only not acknowledging the problem, but reprehensively engages in jerking around the customers with the same runaround tactic over these years. See the post on (1-29-2002)

A law firm is on the verge of being retained to file a clbutt action lawsuit on this issue. If you would like join in the lawsuit or have relevant information to pbutt along, please email:

the last character in name is numeral one

Dell's Sorry History of Microphone-Soundcard Issue

The link ends by Dell starting a new thread and locking it so no one could reply, they made it a sticky post for two months (locked) then they removed the sticky status and the post was dropped back about 20 pages of posts to HIDE it.

Poor mic pick-up (12-6-1999)

if this mic is more than 6 or 8 inches from my mouth at normal speaking levels, it barely picks up my voice.

MICROPHONE=POOP (12-10-1999)


I am experiencing the same problem and so are many others if you look around in the DellTalk area. It drives me nuts!

Mic recording low (12-25-1999)

My mic works but it is low. I have to turn the speakers all the way up to hear anything recorded through the mic.

There is something very wrong with this Yamaha sound system that needs to be fixed and from all the people posting here this is not just an isolated problem. When and how will Dell fix it???

I have had my Dimension XPS T for a couple of months now, and have the same low Mic volume as you do. I am also getting very frustrated.

Microphone (5-4-2000)

the mic does not pick up my voice unless I put it right up on my mouth.

I too am having the same problem, with the same setup. Apparently Dell needs to take some action on this problem.

Montego II A3D low mic volume solution!!!! (5-8-2000)

There clearly is an issue here - Myself and three collegues all have the same problem on brand new Montego-Dimension systems. At the very least the factory settings are not correct and the user is left fumbling round randomly!

They obviously don't include a mic test before shipping.

Microphone - low input (9-6-2000)

I have to yell into my Dell provided microphone for anyone to hear me

Just got off the phone w-Customer Service, they told me that the microphone provided was provided "as a COURTESY"

This is EXTREMELY disappointing, I expect better from Dell.

Unable to record with a microphone (12-7-2000)

I seem to be unable to record anything with a microphone from SB. Only when I shout really hard I get a fuzzy little noise recorded

Live Value Soundcard: Mic record level too low (1-29-2002)

I have my Dimension 8200, Win ME, Soundblaster Live soundcard for two months here is my story.

I discovered that using the creative sound recorder I had to put the record level on max, select +20% gain in the mixer and put the mic 3 inches from my mouth or else it wouldnt pick up what i said.

so i contacted Dell tech support they advised me to uninstall the soundcard and reinstall it. I did that and it made no difference.

They told me to uninstall the windows sound recorder and reinstall it, that made no difference either,

crash during bootup
Thank you both very much for the suggestions. The fans are all in working order, both on the processors and the power supplies...

they told me to uninstall the whole of windows multimedia I did that and it made no difference

I also hope you find the answer. I too would have liked to use Netmeeting! I have a 4300 with ME and the same sound card. Same exact problem. Dell actually sent someone out to install a new card, no help. I also reinstalled the OS once, drivers twice, no help.

After trying all the things Dell suggested and that Creative Labs suggested, Dell sent me out a new soundcard. Didn't make a blind bit of difference.

Well... technician came and installed new card (same type SB Live Value! 512V CT4780).... He tried uninstalling, reinstalling drivers etc.... all the same stuff I have tried before.... still no better....

Hey !!! This seems to be a DELL age old problem. I have a DImension 4100 with Soundblasterlive 512V and Windows Millenium. I have exactly the same problems when trying to record.

This system was purchased in fall 2000.... No resolution yet!!! not a good sign.

Weird Power Mgmt issue 1230
No fan on the video card; just a huge honking heat sink. But I think youre in the right area.. I have noticed that the fan on the power supply is as dead as...

I don't want to -eat- this microphone!!!!

Yes! PLEASE let me know if they successfully fix that problem either through replacement or otherwise! They should just recall that card and give us something that works if it's just a defective card because it seems there's a good bunch of us with the same problem!

crash during bootup
Hi, I have a network of about 50 optiplex gx150's, all of which have...

XPS GEN 4 - Audigy 2 zs Microphone Too Quiet (1-5-2005)

I have my mic volume all the way up, the booster on, and its still way too quiet. I had to practically put the mic in my mouth.

Low Mic Volume on Audigy 2 Zs (2-14-05)

I have seen similar problems in the forums without a solution. Has anyone been able to fix this?

When I plugged a mic into the front panel, the volume is so low that you have to scream.

I have the same problem with the same computer and the same soundcard.

SB Audigy 2 ZS GEN4 No sound through microphone (3-11-05)

Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1225
if this mic is more than 6 or 8 inches from my mouth at normal speaking levels, it barely picks up my voice. the mic does not...

Now a tech is sheduled to come to the house and replace the sound card. Just what I need a 7 day old system for which I paid extra for a high end sound card and now I'll have a refurbished one.

As I recall on my Dimension XPST 700r there were issues with that SB card as well. You would think they could get their act together.

Confirmed problem with SoundMax integrated audio (5-9-05)

I want Dell to fix the problem in my $1500 machine! Now they are saying it is an O-S incompatibility with the onboard sound and I should do a PC Restore. Hello? It is still using the system that shipped with it. XP SP2. If it's incompatible, then this problem existed from the factory.

A Dell tech wanted to reinstall the multimedia part of xp. When I asked why, the Dell tech said there's possible conflict. I asked why then Dell shipped out systems with possible -- known -- conflict.

What's infuriating is Dell techs say they never had calls on soundcard-microphone problems, but then later they say they had a couple of calls, like when I asked the Dell tech shortly after the mumbling.

Saying that there's possible conflict without having dealt with problem calls meant that Dell knew about the problem before shipping. Dell techs had to change the weasel, initial "story" about not having dealt with the problem calls, seeming to give the impression Dell didn't know about the problem before shipping. But then that brings up the question: Does Dell test components' compatibility?

microphone does not work HELP (5-14-05)

I just can't believe that I got rammed hard by Dell and didn't even get a kiss from it !!!


I dare anyone from DELL to solve this problem.

Since getting my new system i have correctly connected my microphone headset to the mic port on the SB card but although I can hear very well, my voice is very quiet.

Do you know a way to record an outgoing message without "eating" the microphone?

can't get mic to work on Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (5-14-05, 6-3-05)

After reading through this forum it was interesting to see how many problems they have with this board, yet each support tech acts like it never happened before. They teach Acting 101 at tech school.

can't get mic to work on Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (6-14-05)

It sure isn't yours. It's Dell's problem. It's Dell's responsibility to fix. Dell put together the configuration. Dell should have tested it. Dell should have known about the problem. Again, why the "never heard of" charade even now -- after many problem reports for a long time!!

There are currently two clbutt action lawsuits:

Is there a fix for Dell's low mic problem? (7-16-05)

I haven't seen any fix. It's amazing how many people (including me) have this problem with Dell computers and Dell seems to be unable or unwilling to address it.

Microphone on Audigy 2 ZS not recording (8-9-05)

I just got my new XPS Gen 5 and can't get it to record any audio using my microphone. I have to scream into the microphone

this problem has been posted on this forum for many months without any resolution.

Microphone - weak input, out of ideas... (8-29-05)

Dell tech support insisted I reformat my hard disk and reinstall everything.

It's really sad to see this problem persist for so long without any help from Dell Support. If you search this forum, you'll see many, many posts about this. What's really pathetic is that you were sent a replacement sound card and told to reformat when Dell should know by now that it's not just YOUR card that's not performing as it should.

I am amazed (& frustrated) with the numerous "hoops" that Dell Tech Support had me jump through over 12 days without ever admitting a problem.

Your tactic seems to be to "wear the customer out" until he-she gives up.

Augiby SB ZS microphone problems FIX HERE!!!! (9-9-05)

I can see it coming, my warranty ends in November 05 and Dell's gona tell me to pound sand.

Dell's Sorry History of MicrophoneSoundcard Issue Update 1224
I am proud of you! Bob Levine -------------------------------------------------- Dell's Sorry History of Microphone-Soundcard Issue -------------------------------------------------- Here are the selected compilations of Dell microphone-soundcard issue posted in the Dell Dimension audio forum. Note that the problem...

I tried an old Yamaha Waveforce 192XG out of my 5 year olds PC and guess what? It worked.

Now I don't know about you, but that doesn't make me feel good about the $$$ I spend on my XPS system.


Brand New XPS 600 with Audigy 2 Zs. I have tried every option that has been suggested on the forums and via Google search. I just can't get any decent volume from my mic.

Therefore, Madam, I kindly ask that Dell take its responsibility to make my XPS system (under warranty) fully functional.

I think I have seen every single volume control slider that exists in the system, XP, Creative, etc.

I just got my machine Friday, an XPS 600 with the Audigy 2ZS with the same exact problem all of you are having. I can get some mic volume with everything upped but it is not exceptable.

Well, I just installed my second Audigy 2ZS replacement card (a refurbished one, according to the package), and not surprisingly the issue remains exactly the same...

I told the support that another replacment likely wouldn't help, but what do they care.... He claimed he is not authorized to send another type of soundcard (and did not want to put me in contact with someone who was).

I still think they made a change on the card itself to reduce the mic gain because they had a lot of complaints about noise-interference in the mic line.

I have been through every switch, slider and control with XPS Advanced support at least twice. This isn't a user error.

At a Loss!!!! Dimension Audio problems (10-3-05)

They had me do the complete restore right away, but the problem came back within a week or so. They are going to make me do a complete restore again.

You're joking..... for real????? That's ridiculous !!!! I'm sorry to hear that, I cannot believe NO ONE can figure out a problem that many people are having.

Low output from "standard" mic (10-9-05)

I can't get the mic that comes with the computer to generate much output.

If you go to Dell tech support with the mic problem and ask if they've heard of the mic problem, they will most likely say they've never heard of the mic problem !!

can't get mic to work on Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (10-13-05)

This is a widespread and continuing problem with the Dell version of the Audigy 2 ZS sound card. The mic input does not work.

Yet Dell is still bundling these cards with its systems.

Low volume microphone problem -DELL OEM Audigy 2 ZS soundcard (10-21-05)

Apparently DELL conveniently chose to delete the thread of all customers having the low volume microphone issue on their newly shipped XPS Gen systems, enbreastled: Microphone Problems Listing (10-14-05)

That is to me pretty much confirming the existence of the problem but not taking the responsibility to address it. Shame on you!

Low Mic Volume? (10-29-05)

I have read several posts about the low mic volume on Dimension Desktops with the Soundblaster 24k Sound Card but unfortunately I haven't found any of them with a solution. Is there to date a solution for this?

I bought my pc for the purpose of Voice chatting that I use for business purposes on a daily basis and would really appreciate any fix for this.

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