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Dimension 8100 Memory Problem


I have two identical Dimension 8100, Intel 850 - 400, 128 megs (2 x 64 megs rimms Samsung MR16R0824BN1-CK8 800-45).

The BIOS is the A09 (I run Win2K).

Inspiron 8000, screen dead, OK on ext monitor
Typically there is a light(bulb) behind the lcd panel, separate from the panel itself. Sounds like the light needs replacing, or it *could* be as simple as needing to reseat all...

I've tried to upgrade the memory to 384 megs using a Kingston RIMM kit (2 x 128 megs - KTD-DM800-128) but the system seems unable to see more 256 megs.

That's what the BIOS tell:

Slot 1: 64 Slot 2: 64 Slot 3: 64 Slot 4: 64

But the first pair of slots actually contains the two Kingston 128 Rimms and the second pair contains the two Samsung 64 Rimms.

The situation does not change if I put the Kingstons in the first pair and two CRIMMS in the second pair: the system sees the two 128 Kingstons as if they were 64 megs RIMMS. This happens with both my Dimension 8100.




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