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Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot 1182

I thought I would tell you how I have solved the problem, or at least it appears to have been solved. I finally talked to Dell Chat and after explaining all of the steps I'd taken, the tech suggested I reinstall Windows XP, plus run a Diagnostic Test on the hard drive (F12 key on Dell screen at bootup). I decided to do the diagnostic test first. (BTW, it took over five hours, just a warning!) It came up with FAIL on the Read Test (all other tests pbutted) because of two errors: Error Code 0F00:0244 Msg. Blocks 5843157-8 Unconnectable data error or media is write protected. I immediately Googled this error and found every comment indicated that the hard disk was dying when you received this message. Whoa! This computer is only two years old and I would be devastated!

My DELL won't BOOT UP.... : 1185
I'm sorry, but I have NOT been following this thread so I do not know whether...

I went back to Dell Chat, described the error, and the tech buttured me that this message does NOT mean the hard disk is dying. To resolve my slow startup, he said I would have to reinstall Windows XP and gave directions. I decided to check the Microsoft database and it said that before reinstalling to repair XP, you should go Start, Run and type sfcscannow (space between "c" and "-") and click OK. When I did this, it asked for the XP disk and apparently repaired some .DLLs.

This seems to have worked because I am now booting up within one minute! If this solution doesn't prove to be permanent, I will reinstall Windows XP, but I thought y'all would like to know that so far it seems to have solved the slow boot.

Thanks for all the suggestions, believe me, I used them all!

Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot 1183
it is still unclear to me what is happening during this long delay during startup... if the screen is simply blank then this seems...


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Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot