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Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot 1183

I downloaded and installed a program FREE-BROWSER last week. During the installation process I got...

it is still unclear to me what is happening during this long delay during startup... if the screen is simply blank then this seems like a registry problem or a hard disk problem, not a motherboard problem. the disk may have experienced a physical problem that was minor but resulted in corrupting the windows system registry file. alternatively, it may be a problem with a usb device (or two or three...) that is connected to your system. try disconnecting all peripherals and see if the problem goes away. and-or if you can remember a time when the system last worked normaly then i suggest that your do a system restore to a data prior to that time. you do this by clicking start-allprograms-accessories-systemtools-systemrestore. this does not cause you to loose any data but if you have installed any programs since that earlier date then they will need to be restored. also you may find that your antivirus program needs to be reinstalled after doing a system restore (but it may also work just fine), so check it by doing a update. other than disk problems, or usb device problems, hardware problems are really pretty rare. if the system restore or removal of usb devices doesn't help to solve your problem then the next thing to do is to test the hard disk using diagnostics and if it pbuttes then to a windows recover-reinstall...

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Dimension 8300 Very Slow Cold Boot 1182