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EIDE connector port problem 1176

Info for group: This explains cableselect and all its parts. Unlikely to help this situation.

EIDE connector port problem 1177
That's exactly what I did. I don't think the CD drive is defective. When connected on EIDE2 both CD...
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I always have the feeling that something is missing from the descriptions. I try to give an example or two below.

In a previous post I suggested restoring everything as it was initially. You said you did. I had to guess that meant that the Hard drive on the primary channel was still undetected even when the old CD drive was connected on the secondary channel, having been subsbreastuted for the newer CD drive.

On 10 Nov 2005 15:32:41 -0800, "jimtehma (e-mail isn't checked)"

Does this mean that the computer boots, etc from a drive on the secondary ide channel? If not then what do you mean drive works fine?

BTW are you ALWAYS, sometimes or never referring to the windows environment when you state that the drive is not recognized? How about in the BIOS setup?

As I suggested earilier I have had good luck in the past by playing with the jumpers on the drives. By this I mean changing them from Cable Select to Master-Slave.

Do NOT be afraid to creat a mix of Master or slave settings and CS jumper settings on the same cable. Somtimes jumper settings are not documented correctly or there are other possibilities to be explored such as master in a single system or a dual setup (two drives on cable)

Again, I do NOT feel that I completely understand the proble, for instance is this maybe a Windows issue, not a hardware problem?

I would revert back to a pure master slave setup on both channels & see what happens.

There is also a possibility that the ESCD is scrambled, there was recently a series of posts regarding this issue. Dells are surprizingly hard to reset the ESCD on the motherbd.

Good Luck

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