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External FW & USB HD Problems 1787


External FW & USB HD Problems 1788
Thanks for the info Pat. I don't think it will work with my enclosure. I have no idea what chipset I have as Vantec won't...

I just ran the utility last night and haven't had time to test it, but will post back. The utility is specifically for the *Oxford Semiconductor Ltd 900 and 911 chipsets aka as OXF900 and OFX 911*. I don't think it would work on any other chipsets. Does your enclosure use the Oxford 900 or 911 chipsets? The PDF says for 1394-to-ATA-ATAPI devices. So *SATA may not* apply.

The utility name is Venus DSUtility. zip and the program file you run is called FWUpload.exe provided by . The utility allows you to flash upgrade the firmware ROM and also tweak the settings. My firmware was up to date according to AMS, so I just tweaked the settings. Some other setting changes included Enable GPI Drive Detect, Detect Drives with non-std signature and Wait 6s before polling drive.

jimtehma (e-mail isn't checked) A couple things about Linux I forgot to add in my previous post: Check if your cd-dvd-rom drive is operating in DMA mode (easiest... and both apparently have long threads about the Oxford and other chips and Firewire problems Do a Google for FWUpload.exe.

If this works (fingers crossed) you might want to consider getting the AMS Venus DS3 enclosure for about $50 at NewEgg. If you want me to email you

What a PIA, Pat

P.S. Sorry about the Kevin thing, working to late trying to fix computers :(

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External FW & USB HD Problems 1788 talk from Newsgroups.

External FW & USB HD Problems