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FWIW Rambus Law SUit

dell labreastude d600 gigabit adapter disappears in the middel of the day
if i recall correctly, this issue wasn't stated very clearly... and neither has your troubleshooting... you have a laptop that periodically...

old, the of RAMBUS manufactured to I'm a being Maybe Myers This is more clean cut than SCO, who have finally revealed to the court, in a sealed document, the actual parts of UNIX they feel have been compromised by their inclusion in Linux, et al. In the RAMBUS case all of the claims have been put before the court. The suit is over price fixing, a much more clean cut issue and more readily understood by the court. Software programs are much more arcane to the court's point of view and far less understood by it's officers.

speaking of rootkits Study of Sony Anti-Piracy Software Triggers Uproar File-Hiding Technique Alarms Security Researchers; Developer Offers Patch By Brian Krebs Staff Writer Wednesday, November 2, 2005...

The reason their are no chip sets is traceable to cost and cost were artificially manipulated. That's against the law and gives RAMBUS grounds for a suit. In computers, cost have and always will be a major concern due to the inter dependence of the many technologies that come together in the end product. Good examples are the choice of the Intel 8088 over the 8086 due to production cost. The 80xx series being originally selected because IBM already had a licensing agreement with Intel, even though they originally developed a prototype with a Motorola chip that was more powerful and included an on board math co-processor.

Additionally SCO has gone after not only IBM and the big O-S venders, but also after the end users who have simply bought a product in good faith. RAMBUS is only seeking compensation from the manufactures involved in the original issue of price fixing.

Complete care for Inspiron question
Celeron Ms have 1-2 the cache (or maybe less) and fewer power saving features over PM. If you don't care that much about battery life and can tolerate the performance hit, they may not...

-- KC

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FWIW Rambus Law SUit