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Ghost 10 sucks for drive cloning.... 37


While I acknowledge such thorny issues could be created cross-drives, as long as the user continues to install and maintain the C:drive, the risk is minimal. All of those changes will ultimately be copied to the D:drive.

While I'm quite convinced that quirks can happen if you have (2) active primary parbreastions (with their own respective mbr) running-connected simultaneously, it shouldn't matter if BIOS determines that IDE or SATA 0 is first in the boot order, and IDE-SATA 1 comes afterward, or even after the atapi-opticals.

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The damned thing's gonna grab the first boot record on the first drive it checks.:) There are a lot of things in life I do not know, but this one I'm pretty sure of.

And with regard to Brian's comment, yes - both drives boot independently and properly if the other is removed-disconnected. I wasn't intentionally attempting to stir schitt here, but merely reporting what results I had seen.

Right now (and in my Dim8300, for example using IDE drives), I have two identical, bootable SATA drives that co-exist and can both be run independently if the other is removed.



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