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Home network problem

I seem to have solved this problem, but I want to check it out with you guys. First the problem:

All of a sudden I am having some network problems.

I have a Dell Dim 2400 desktop in the basement. Cable modem. Linksys 54g router.

I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 with the 1307 wireless card.

Now, the router must be working fine as I have no problems with internet connections, email, etc. using the laptop and-or desktop.

But I also have shared folders. I have not had any problems going back and forth until recently. Now it can't seem to recognize the network path. This has occurred after 2 recent power outages and also after I added a 256 MB memory to my desktop. I don't think either of those have anything to do with this.

I'm just not sure how to proceed-what to try-test.


Now the solution:

I discovered that when I deleted Zone Alarm from my desktop, all was working. So...

I may have solved the problem, but it is very strange.

I look at the setting for ZA on both my laptop and desktop.

On the Firewall-Main setting it lists my MY NETWORK and Loopback Adapter as being in the Trusted Zone. But the first item listed (Broadcom.....Integrated Controller Packet Scheduler Miniport on my Desktop is listed in the Internet Zone). The first item on my laptop, the Dell Wireless Card... is also listed in the Internet Zone.

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I changed both to Trusted Zone and now it works.

First, does this now sound like the right setting??

Second, if so, I have no ideas what could have changed the settings on both my computers!!!

Any thoughts (did I do the right thing -- I know it works know but I don't want to have poor security settings -- and what could have caused such a problem)?


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