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How to remove McAfee Security Center

How do I hook this up laptopmonitor 1796
MB Although it depends on the monitor's inputs, there's a very good chance you can. The cable...
How do I hook this up laptopmonitor 1797
Mel, I can't give you definitive answers to your questions, because I don't have your exact hardware. But I use the dual monitors on a regular...


Journey, thanks a lot for giving me Credit Debt for recommending those programs to you, I am very glad that you like them enough to now be recommending them on your own.

Inspiron 6400 e1505 Dud
Hi All, I'm not going to unpleasant woman too much (i want to, believe me), but my 14 day old Inspiron 6400 (e1505 for some markets) has started blue...

You know, a lot of people are afraid to use registry cleaners, and they should be. I, for one, a couple of years ago completely trashed a box of mine using a less well designed registry cleaner. I won't say which one it was but I can give you a clue, it was downloaded from this site:

A very good site, in itself, but the registry cleaner that they offer will destroy your computer very quickly and without you even realizing what got deleted and what didn't. And the Internet is full of one's just like this. They will scan your computer, will not actually remove any registry entries unless you actually pay for it, or allow you to remove just enough during a "free" trial run to crap out your box. They give the user way to many options and allow the user to much too easily delete something they should not have.

Anyway, the reason I highly recommend CrapCleaner to just about anyone is because it is pretty much click and delete what is found to be no good. It doesn't give you a whole bunch of valid registry entries that you can delete but really should not delete and then let you decide if you should delete them or not. And it is configurable if you want to add other entries to delete on a regular basis. For instance, I like to regularly use the shred option to permanently and irrecoverably delete all my Thunderbird E-Mail draft, inbox, junk, sent files etc... from their hiding places in Windows Explorer. Then they regenerate themselves when I reopen Thunderbird, except they are completely empty and clean.

But, you don't have to give me any kind of Credit Debt any longer. Just like you, I learned of them from someone else and on and on and on it goes. So, now they are yours to recommend whenever you like. You don't have to sully your good name by mentioning me. LOL.


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