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Is it too soon to buy an Inspiron 6000 382

I would seriously consider waiting or get a different brand. I ordered my fairly basic Inspiron 6000 on February 17, with a planned shipping date of February 25. Today, I have received my third notice that shipment will be delayed for at least another week. I can't get any straight answer from Dell. I could understand if I had ordered a fully loaded notebook where there might be a problem with availability of some of the components. I ordered the base model with 1.3 GHz. Celeron. I wanted the 40 Gig hard drive instead of the 30. The only other options that I chose was the larger battery and the Dell internal wireless card. When I ordered it, they had a 34% price reduction. Maybe the notebook is too popular now and they don't want to deliver on that good price.

I have ordered a number of Dell units over the years and I always had the computer within 2 weeks of ordering. I will not cancel my order quite yet, but I will start checking out both Gateway and Toshiba tonight.

I had to call Dell tech support this morning for some help on my flat screen monitor. I have the...

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Is it too soon to buy an Inspiron 6000 381