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Kudos to Dell tech support and onsite service 368

Just curious, was he a "real" Dell tech or a contractor ?

Where I'm at - Portland Oregon and Atlanta Georgia - Whenever we call Dell, the person(s) that show up actually work for Unisys.

The techs seem knowledgeable enough, but too often they seem to be in such a hurry that they forget the obvious like putting back all the screws, reseating the connectors, etc, when they're done. It's like they're in a big hurry to get to the next client, like they get paid at piece rates.

Was curious if this is a national thing, or if we just coincidentally happen to be in two places where they hand it off to Unisys.

(And there's a lesson in there somewhere: Once upon a time, Unisys - a-k-a Burroughs + Sperry-Rand - used to be a real player in the computer game, a name to be reckoned with, with some decent hardware that gave IBM a run for it's money in the Mainframe world. But through years of bad Debt Management and lack of vision, they've been reduced to doing scut work for companies like Dell.)

Kudos to Dell tech support and onsite service 369
Contractors are paid per call so therefore the more calls they do the more they earn, whilst...

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Kudos to Dell tech support and onsite service 369 talk from Newsgroups.

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