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Kudos to Dell tech support and onsite service 369

How Proprietary is a Dell these days
Dell has gotten away from proprietary power supplies, but several other elements of the motherboard design are unique to Dell, to say the least. The connectors to the front panel...

Contractors are paid per call so therefore the more calls they do the more they earn, whilst the perminant staff get paid no matter how many calls they do however in saying that they are expected to have a call closure rate of at least 4 calls per day and between 5-6 for the more senior engineers.

Staff engineers at Getronics and Unisys earn about 15000 to 19000 per annum, Banctec contractors are on about 30 per day plus 9 per call with no expenses for petrol. Though they do about 8-10 calls per day. Banctec concentrate mainly on home user rather then business. Getronics and Unisys deal mainly with business and Enterprise customers and also do all Server Calls.

All Getronics and Unisys staff are Dell Certified Engineers.

Dell do have their own engineers but they are for installs only and generally do not get involved with repairs.

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How Proprietary is a Dell these days talk from Newsgroups.

Kudos to Dell tech support and onsite service 368