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Largest External HDD I Can Use With a Dimension 8200 1527

Hallelujah! Got the problem with the external Maxtor OneTouch II drive resolved.

Largest External HDD I Can Use With a Dimension 8200 1528
Hey Stew. I'm not congratulating myself. I'm just so excited to finally have my computer working correctly, once again (at least with the Maxtor external hard drive..other USB devices to be...

As mentioned, Maxtor sent me a new, replacement drive. I totally uninstalled and reinstalled the Maxtor software, and used a different USB port on the back of my D-8300. Exact same problems. Drive wasn't being detected 90% of the time, backups wouldn't work unless you re-booted and turned the drive off-on several times, software would lock-up (forcing a system hard-boot to resolve), repeated pop-up error messages from Windows saying that it couldn't write to Drive I: (the drive letter buttigned to my Maxtor drive).

I still felt this was a USB Controller problem, since my other USB devices have been operating more "flaky" over time (see brief recap down below):

RESOLUTION: My Maxtor drive has both USB and 1394 Firewire connections. I discovered my Soundblaster Audigy 2-ZS card has a 1394 Firewire port on it. Check your sound card, to see if it has a firewire port on it. If so, there's no need to buy a firewire PCI card-hub, which like any other PCI card, will draw a little more power from the system. But I have no idea how much more power any PCI card (whether firewire or USB hub) will actually draw.

I also bought a PCI card 4-port USB-2 hub (Belkin). So I could either try the Firewire connection (getting the Maxtor external drive OFF THE DELL'S USB CONTROLLER, -OR- try the FIREWIRE option. Knowing that inserting ANY PCI card would draw more power from the system (not sure how much more, but my ATI All-In-Wonder X800-XT graphics card recommends a 300-watt power supply, 350-watt if you have a lot of PCI card in your system (I only have the sound-NIC card, and AGP graphics).

Largest External HDD I Can Use With a Dimension 8200 1529
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Knowing the ATI graphics card is pulling a lot of power anyway, I decided to try the FIREWIRE option. All I did was re-connect the Maxtor to the Dell via FIREWIRE vs. USB, and problems were resolved.

Before posting this message, I waited until I had done 4 backups, deleted backups, and ran some disk-intensive programs (DVD editing) on the Maxtor Drive. All worked perfectly (KNOCK ON WOOD). No need to re-boot.

But the coolest thing is how much faster the Maxtor drive is. The old transfer rate under USB was 300 MB-Minute. After the Firewire backups, I'm getting 800 MB-Minute. Backups that used to take hours, now take 30-40 minutes. TOTALLY AWESOME. And USB-2 is theoretically faster, with a top speed of 480 MBps, whereas 1394 Firewire is 400 MBps.

And the drive used to "grunt and grind" all the time. Now, I barely hear it during most accesses.

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So now I'm convinced there is a continually worsening problem with my Dell D-8300's USB controller, with intermittent communication errors, slowing down or stopping devices intermittently and with increasing frequency, etc.

On the Dell Talk article I mentioned in a previous post, that person solved his problem by installing a PCI card USB hub. He reported the same improvements, including in speed-performance of the Maxtor drive.

My next step is to install the PCI card-USB hub. But I want to give the Maxtor external drive another week or two, to make sure it's OK. Once I've installed the PCI USB hub, and connected the devices, I'll post back here.

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My Dell on-site warranty is good until August, so have a little bit of time to validate my suspicions before calling Dell back.

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I can't tell you how relieved I am to FINALLY have that Maxtor drive working normally. I should note that when I first bought it and installed it (USB port) 9 months ago, I didn't have any problems for the first few months. I still had the same printer, scanner, web cam, flash drives connected to the same USB connections they are today. These problems with ALL THE USB DEVICES started about 6 months ago, and increased with frequency until recently they became intolerable.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your devices.

RECAP OF HP SCANNER-PRINTER PROBLEM First, Pat that MS KB article only applies to printer-scanner combo units. I don't have that. My scanner and printer are separate units. So that solution won't work for me.

(HP USB printer lock-ups during printing or power-off about 20% of the time), HP Scanner not scanning on the first attempt (99% of the time). The scanner and printer are connected to USB ports on the back of the D8300. I use the two front USB ports to connect my PNY Flash Drives, and get errors when plugging in to forward connector, but not the back one. PNY flash drives work perfectly in all USB ports in my laptop and office desk-top.

Gary =================

Pat Conover

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