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My DELL won't BOOT UP.... : 1185
I'm sorry, but I have NOT been following this thread so I do not know whether the floppy drive works once the...

I downloaded and installed a program FREE-BROWSER last week. During the installation process I got some type of error message (which I stupidly didn't copy down) saying something about having a problem registering a certain DLL file. I chose the RETRY option and then rebooted my PC.

Problem is... Windows will only load a little bit, my wallpaper will appear without any icons and essentially my PC is non-functional. Safe mode will do the same thing. I have had similar issues in years past but usually they were accompanied by some type of error message where it would tell you the file at fault. In this case... there is no such message. I find this very unusual.

Anyway... eveidently I forced a bad file on my PC that must be corrupt or the wrong version.

My DELL won't BOOT UP.... : 1186
Thanks Jay B... unfortunately, not an option at this time. Some in another support forum suggested this as a fix. what do you guys think? This problem is...

I emailed the program developer and asked him if he had ever had any reports of his browser crashing a PC and he said no but he did supply me with a list of DLL files that came packaged with the program which could possibly affect Windows 98se.. They are......

comdlg32.ocx mscomctl.ocx MSVBVM60.dll shdocvw.dll

Now.... Looking at those 4 files there, will a corrupt or bad version of any of them be enough to prohibit Windows98se from booting up? Suggested fixes? I am in the process of creating a BOOT-DISK for my PC... but I'll need help using that one. Also... isn't it unusual to not get an error message saying which file is messing up?

Thanks in advance


DELL Dimension T-450Mhz Win98se

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My DELL won't BOOT UP.... : 1185 talk from Newsgroups.

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