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Need help with Yahoo Mail

carolina country girl, If you want POP3 access to your Yahoo Mail acct, these are some methods I know about.

1. Pay Yahoo $29.99-yr for a premium acct. 2. Download-Install YPOPS! (formally know as YahooPops).

If you are having problems during the installation process. You might want to download and reinstall Yahoo Messenger from their site. But first turn off your anti virus program, before you download and install Yahoo Messenger.



I have a Dell 4500. I set up an account with Yahoo and I can navigate throughout their site, however, I cannot access my Yahoo mailbox from my computer. All I get is a white screen.

I can access my mailbox through other computers.

Memory for Dimension 8100
I have a Dell Dimension 8100 1.5 Ghz with 512MB of RAM (2-256MB modules occupying two of the four memory banks). I would like to upgrade with another 512 MB for the 2 empty banks...

Also, when I tried to download Yahoo messenger I got a mesage saying that it could not load because a required module is missing. What is that?

Please help,


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