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Parbreastioning Hard Drives Recommendations Please

Jay B

Parbreastioning Hard Drives Recommendations Please
First I would like to apologize that this DOES NOT have anything do do with a Dell computer system. I do however own a Dell...
ParbreastionCluster SizeWasted Space 2213
Hi! That is generally correct, and no matter the file system type you use, there will always be some waste. Most, if not all, file systems have one "smallest unit of...

Greetings Jay B!

Yep, that's me - Still Crazy and probably always will be. The XPS 700 that I configured was gonna cost right at $6k even with Sales-discounts and everything else. I placed the order, ship date #1 came and went, ship date #2 came and went. I receive a call from Dell in early August offering me $250 gift card or free upgrade to Core2Duo to make up for the numerous delays. I opted for the gift card as I was told by the sales rep that the Core2Duo systems weren't going to ship until late Sept or early October and the Pentium D systems were going to start to ship immediately. Next day I checked my order status online - Had a NEW order number and NEW ship date was October 19th! Called Dell, they told me that since my original order was cancelled (to receive the Gift Card), my order had to be placed again as a NEW order and it was put at the back of the line. I cancelled my XPS 700 order on August 14th mainly because I was NOT willing to wait 120 + days for a computer no matter how great it looked on paper-web site. Placed order with Velocity Micro on August 14th, received Core2Duo Extreme system on August 22nd. VM system stats are very similar to the XPS 700 system and price was also very close. VM machine is built with Retail parts vs OEM with Dell. It doesn't look as slick as the XPS 700 but so far I am very happy with it. I have also discovered that if you call Tech Support, the call is NOT routed to India. :-)

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Parbreastioning Hard Drives Recommendations Please