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Someone tell me why this isn't a good buy 396

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My first reaction is to laugh. My second reaction is to ask what the point is to run an operating system with a 64MB limit on a computer with at least 256MB? My third reaction is that any attempt to run Win 3.1 on a Dimension 3000 would cripple Windows itself for lack of software drivers to support all the new hardware. There would be no video or audio drivers, probably no modem or Ethernet drivers, and you'd be lucky if Windows 3.1 found the IDE controller at all. So you'd end up running Windows 3.1 in safe mode, which is about the only way it would ever boot up. Safe mode is pretty crippled with 640x480x16 color graphics.

Either save your money, or copy whatever data you need from the old Dimension XPS horse onto the brand spanking new Dimension 3000. If you buy the Dimension 3000, take the other old hoss out behind the barn and shoot it in the motherboard to put it out of its misery. Or give it to someone who wants to set

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Someone tell me why this isn't a good buy 395