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What cheap laptop Dell 2200 or another 1194

C and A Bredt

I looked around and also got a cheapie Compaq.....theyre really good....even the 1.3 M clbutt.

Certainly worth getting wireless.......its great to be able to connect in anywhere there's access.

Also the Compaq had Firewire, great for video transfers.

I just thought the Asus was a bit glitzy and fragile looking (especially the cheapy metallic looking buttons) compared to the Compaq.

I suppose they all do the job, but some had better keyboard and touchpad feel than others I looked at.

At $1k how can you go wrong :-)

Got mine at did my boss for his daughter a bit later.

Off subject, Officeworks have some great bargains on the "returns" table at times.

Picked up a Belkin G wireless router and a Belkin PCI wireless card (both unopened) recently for $75 the lot.

What cheap laptop Dell 2200 or another 1195
I've gone that route, basically got one of the $1K clbutt laptops, Compaq in my case. No regrets. Wireless was essential in my case, I mostly use it when bottling the...

Apparently the policy is that all returns are not put back on the shelf, but are discounted on the returns table, regardless of the opened-unopened status.

Some amazing deals to be had occbuttionaly.

Buying a Dell Computer 1196
I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 notebook four years old, an XPS Gen3 two years old, and an XPS Gen4 one year old. All bought from the Business side of Dell...

First place I look when I pbutt by.



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What cheap laptop Dell 2200 or another