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When should I really defrag 590

I've **NEVER** heard of anyone saying, as a blanket statement, that it's a "bad thing" to have the swap file anywhere other than the boot parbreastion... ever.... I'd be curious who these "experts" you mentioned are....

Moving the swap file to improve performance only works when it is on a separate physical drive. The idea is that with separate heads, the swap file can be managed without impacting the access time on the other drives-parbreastions. If you move it to a separate *parbreastion* on the same physical drive as the boot parbreastion, it will certainly gain you minimal (if any) performance improvement and will, in many cases, slow you down. In this circumstance, it *may* be a "bad thing" (read slow down disk access). It really depends on what parbreastions you have and how the OS and programs access the data on them.

When should I really defrag
That wording is throwing me. Are you simply describing a case where the pagefile is 1.5GB...

I haven't a clue what memory dumps have to do with where the swap file is....

-- Regards, Hank Arnold

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