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Why does Dell even need an onsite technical support department

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Won't Work RIght On Dell Dimension 3000
Please read my problems and see if you what I am missing. For almost a year now I have fought over and over again (plus...

Another rant pondering why Dell has 15,000 complaints at the BBB.

The Dell phone techs read a script, and when nothing works, they talk to their supervisor 3 or 4 times, and then send the wrong parts out again. Woe to the tech that gets a really strange problem; the phone tech basically sends the same parts as before, and refuses to throw everything at the problem to fix it. The entire phone system is broken, it's inept, and it drags down every onsite tech's day, thus upsetting even more customers waiting for later appointments.

Many on-site techs don't even bother calling Dell, telling the customer that the on-site tech is there to replace the parts and that's it. After dealing with Dell today I cannot blame them one tiny bit.

I understand that Dell doesn't want to receive thousands of perfectly working parts back to their warehouses every day, but the ultimate goal of any business is customer satisfaction. If you can get a computer up and running quickly on the first service call, but as a result increased workload occurs at the parts warehouses, you have created a happy customer. If Dell keeps going half-butt, sending one part at a time, while the bad components keep damanging the good components, you're NOT going to make a customer happy.

Why can't the on-site tech simply use a phone system which says "do this procedure...did A or B happen? press 1, otherwise press 2". At the end it says "ok, now we'll send you the proper parts...the dispatch number is 12345678".

Or better yet, give the on-site tech access to the Dell scripts and allow him to order part numbers through a laptop or PDA.

It would be a lot faster, and even cheaper for Dell than labor outsourced halfway around the world, labor that never even grew up with the technology and instead has to read scripts and talk to supervisors to figure things out.


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