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Zone Alarm slowed download speed 1252

I have a Dell 4600 WinXP SP2. I startup with: DirectCD NVidia Drivers Aiptek Pen Logitech bluetooth stuff Norton Antirus Sygate Firewall dumprepGoBack - restore software Logitech Setpoint Software (for Bluetooth Wireless)

Of course I'm running Sygate now but my problem cleared up immediately after uninstalling ZA. (It was probably within the last year so it's a recent version of ZA that was causing the problems. You can find it documented on the net too. Don't know if they ever fixed it. Otherwise I was always happy with ZA.

XP SP1 and SuseLinux 9.3 recognize my HDD, the BIOS does not
Hi, I bought a Seagate Barracuda 80GB drive and installed it on my Dimension 4550 (2.4GHz P4, 533...

As you can see I run a pretty lean system. ZA (or it's interaction with something else) was causing the problem.

I don't see much point in my situation of using a hardware firewall over a software one. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it though.

I doubt that was it. I've been doing computers since the 1970's and have never had a crash, lost data, or a virus (knock on wood..which must be some kind of record). It's also what I did for a living so I'm about as well versed in computers as you'll find.

Zone Alarm slowed download speed 1253
Many people do indeed report a problem, but i`ve never seen it myself. That doesn`t mean there isn`t one, just...

It was well reported (not sure which websites) so I don't remember where I saw it. I could just see a trend was developing among users having problem. I had it down to ZA or my Internet causing my problems (by deducing myself). Once I read that I just uninstalled ZA and everything was fine. Went with Sygate and things have been fine since. Thanks for taking the time to help.

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