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complaint email address for dell

EIDE connector port problem 1175
It works! It works! It works! While in the 'BIOS Setup' I pressed F9 which loaded the default configuration. Somehow that did it. Upon booting the hard drive on the second position of EIDE1...

It is very odd, I'm paying with an AMEX, we're still troubleshooting the order, but the sales guy finally tracked down the person who is cancelling the orders without contacting anyone. We're waiting to hear back from her. We've already called AMEX and verified that they have approved the charges (Dell sales guy conferenced her in).

email to person cancelling the orders: Marcia, could you please explain to me why you've cancelled my orders without bothering to even try contacting me or Brian lovelovexx? Twice we've submitted them through Theodore Geise and twice they've been cancelled with no notice to anyone and no cancellation reason listed on the account. The last orders that were submitted were covered with notes from Theodore ASKING that they not be cancelled without contacting him or Brian or myself.

Between last night and tonight, I have spent over two hours on the phone with Dell trying to find out why my orders were cancelled. Theodore even conferenced in AMEX to verify that they had authorized the charges. Incidentally, nobody ever contacted me to tell me they were cancelled. Had I not bothered to follow up with Mr. Geise the first time, and had he not been thorough enough to check my second order an hour after I placed it, I never would have known they were cancelled. I only thought to follow up the first time because my phone rang twice, by the time I got to it, the caller had hung up, and I saw the number on the caller ID looked familiar. I called it back and it was Dell. Nobody bothered to leave a message. The second time they were cancelled, I received no call or email.

I am trying VERY HARD to give Dell money, how about helping me do that? If this is the level of service I get from Dell before I even place an order, what should I expect it to be like if I need help after I've purchased (Mr. Geise excepted). HP Pavillions are looking really good to me about now. I need these laptops ASAP and now their build date has been delayed by at least two days. Please let me know what you need to reinstate these orders, and please expedite them in the build queue so they will be shipped by the original ship date I was given: 11-15.

The order numbers are: Order Number: lovelovelovelovex lovelovelovelove lovelovelovelovelove Customer Number: lovelovelovelovexx

My contact info if you need to call is H: lovelovelovexx C: lovelovelovelovex

EIDE connector port problem
Hello, After opening my computer's case to change the CD-burner I'm experiencing kind of a strange problem...

Thank you, Rob

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