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crash during bootup

Thank you both very much for the suggestions. The fans are all in working order, both on the processors and the power supplies.

Bios upgrade to A09 on XPS D266
OH MY GOD IT WORKED !!!!!!!!! I had stupidly buttumed that having loaded a new clean BIOS that it would be set to factory defaults. What else would it be set to? it doesn't know anything...

I do own a little digital voltmeter, but I don't know how to go about testing a capacitor on a motherboard. I will see if I can learn via google but if you know a good educational link on the subject please do send it.

Weird Power Mgmt issue 1230
No fan on the video card; just a huge honking heat sink. But I think youre in the right area.. I have noticed that the fan on...

The cases are more or less clean inside, there were just some small accumulations of dust. Since you asked though I cleaned those off.

I also tried swapping with a known good processor, just in the interest of thoroughness. It didn't change anything.

Your idea about condensation from AC is a good one - it does happen to electronics around here. It's probably not the case here though, since the cooling is fairly gradual. The computers are never exposed to the heat of the day, that's when the AC is on.

The HD and power supply I'm using are definitely good. I took them from an identical machine that works fine. Same with the memory and processor.

I also tried booting just to the command prompt, because it seemed like the restart happened right around when windows would up the resolution. Alas, the same instant crash happened.

Thanks again, and please keep the ideas coming,


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Bios upgrade to A09 on XPS D266 talk from Newsgroups.

crash during bootup