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i see you did your homework! thanks. i need to run out right now, but at quick glance, here's some comments:

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i'm sorry to burst your bubble. but i think you're making a big mistake taking this on. this is much different than what you...

i'm a big fan for "buildityourself" systems, built many and sold many years ago. i cant build a better system than a "sale price" at dell. been trying to figure it out and cant do it.

did you consider getting the 9150 instead of the xps? it is on sale right now for $700. comes with 3.2 proc and 512mb and 19in flat panel analog. upgrade the 1905 for $80 more. increase your ram if you want, could even buy chips from crucial cheaper. even go buy a better 3rd party video card instead of paying dell for "shared memory cards" and you will see it is much less than either price you are looking at. the xps is no better than the 9150. i also dont believe that dual core is any better than single core in real life work. i've worked on tons of them and dont see any real difference. in my opinion, it is Consumer Debt hype. i'm sure i'll take heat for that comment, but i'm not impressed with it. i would save the money and put it into memory.

I'll comment on any comments later tonight.


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