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how to clear nvram on inspiron 8200 cant see both cdrom drives

Does anyone know how to clear the nvram on an inspiron 8200? the usual sequence of cmos setup, turn on num-caps-scrol lock and hit alt-e does not work. the lights dont come on when hitting the num-caps-scroll lock buttons. i did find that alt-f did seem to reset the bios back to default settings, but that does not help in this case.

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is this a laptop where the nvram needs to be reset from a jumper on the mb? dell's docs dont say anything about this.

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the reason why i want to do this is both cd rom drives are failing under windows xp home. if i insert the xp boot cdrom disk or dell resource boot disk, and restart the computer, it does see it and boots up, diagnostics for the cd rom pbutt fine!.

but under normal operation, there are yellow exclamation marks by each cd drive. uninstalling and reinstalling does not help, they come right back the same way. there are no drivers on dell's web site for these devices. i suspect there was some sort of spyware attack, which also affected the printer and usb, both of which also were not working. the printer and usb are now working fine.

i'm trying to avoid a reinstall of the operating system if i dont have to. if anyone knows of a way to reset these devices, i would appreciate it. thanks Jay

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