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monitor looks like it's in dotmatrix draft mode

AGP would be a great option...if the Dimension 3000 had an AGP slot in the motherboard. The only option is either a motherboard replacement or a PCI video card.

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snip I've bought several PCs from Dell in the past 6 years, and even in this small town I...

Dell troubleshooting with a Dimension 3000 is usually a nightmare...I have no POST issues and the phone techs will send out a motherboard, CPU and memory (all on separate calls) and completely ignore my requests for a power supply (one guy was "absolutely sure" it was the memory causing the computer to shut down 2 seconds after powering up, not even getting to BIOS...asking for a PS was futile). I go out for more repeat calls for Dimension 3000's than any other desktop by far, and they drag down my day (and make other customers upset) because I had to call and troubleshoot a half hour-45 mins all over again.

Going out 3 or 4 times (separate calls) for the same Dim 3000 is not uncommon, you'd think with this much repeat service Dell would look into changing its phone-tech troubleshooting guides because they're paying per call for techs to go out and fix them. Oh, and the "customer experience" reaction is great, too....customers are overjoyed by the idea of having to take off more work days to hang around for me to come around again and again and again and....


On Sat, 09 Sep 2006 16:58:39 -0400, Ben Myers

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