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what does Hitachi Drive Fitness Test do 1471

Nice show, troll.

So what, so you have an "idea". So you don't have a clue.

Obviously you are totally clueless.

Nope. If it did you would have provided the proof already.

That's what drives do themselfs if retries succeed. DFT has nothing to do with it whatsoever except for just reading the drive and provi- ding the opportunity, just like any other reading of the drive would do.

What DFT can do is offer to overwrite unrecoverable read error bad sectors with pattern data so that the formerly bad sector will be read- able again but the data in it will be lost.

what does Hitachi Drive Fitness Test do 1472
Ahh, so that's who you are. Nope, the troll is the one that rants without ever checking what he rants about. And obviously never learned anything...

"Write operations will ONLY be performed if you select the options to erase disk, erase MBR or perform *sector repair operation* from the Utility Menu or by selecting these options when offered after a media error has been detected."

Hard drive speed
Reviewing what I posted, I see I screwed up. I'll blame it on that snowball I took to the head last night ;-) You clearly stated...

"NOTE *Sector repair* and Erase Disk WILL result in data being deleted from your disk drive"

No drive will copy bad data into a good sector and make that sector ap- pear good (neither will DFT) . Such a drive would be highly unreliable.

As you 'pulled an "idea" from your butt'.

Doesn't happen. Says so in every harddrive manual. Says so for DFT for what sector repair does.

You pulled that out of your butt too.

There are literally millions of them. Have fun showing us one drive with millions of reallocated sectors, troll.

Right, thanks for reminding us that you are indeed a troll.

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what does Hitachi Drive Fitness Test do 1472 talk from Newsgroups.

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