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6 Versions of Vista Are they nuts 3339

Tis was 10 years ago this week
Man how time flys. Over the past few days I've been receivng emails from people some of which I haven't seen in several years. Our "mailing list...

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 10:48:27 -0600, Erik Funkenbusch

Good. So where do I get my budget version of Vista that includes all the bundled apps of the more expensive versions?

Some clueless zombie, upthread, mentioned Ubuntu, KUbuntu and EdUbuntu as examples of something somehow similar to Fister - yet I can install Ubuntu and still have all the apps which I'd have if I'd used either of the other two. And vice versa.

So where's the bottom-end version of Vista, the cheapest one, but including all the apps available to the more expensive versions? Or was the poster who made such an asinine comparison just simply stupid beyond words?

6 Versions of Vista Are they nuts 3341
snips On Sun, 05 Mar 2006 07:30:17 +0000, Roy Schestowitz Indeed? So if I get my budget...

'Course, the poster hasn't quite compared the applications installed even in the full, top-level version of Vista with any of the Ubuntu variants. For example, with Ubuntu, I get OpenOffice bundled. And MySQL. And Postgres. And several IM clients, including multi-protocol ones. And a variety of email clients. And development tools. And Apache. And a variety of news clients. And IRC clients. And PDF viewing - and creation. And gobs of file format conversion tools. And archivers which can handle multiple formats. And video, audio and graphics production tools. And 3D modellers and renderers. And a whole variety of different desktop environments. And the ability to run without any GUI whatsoever. And Konqueror, which, among other things, can browse an audio CD and automagically offer virtual directories containing mp3s, flacs, even oggs, of individual tracks or the entire CD, which can be created as real files on your HD by a simple copy-and-paste. Plus true multi-user (i.e. multiple users with multiple GUIs, at the same time) support. Plus backup tools for my desktop - or my entire LAN.

Tales of a Net Geek
For the amusement of any who might care. Running a Dell box. 2850, I think - mind's going after another 9AM-4AM shift. In any case, redundant power supplies, dual processor, RAID SCSI drives, yadda...

Vista, at least the expensive one, comes with all this, right? Bundled? So installation of all these goodies is simply checking off the appropriate check box at install time? And, of course, it will automatically update all the applications I have installed, via a couple of mouse clicks and entering a pbuttword, right? All in one step, without the need for me to manually find and download all the individual application updates, then install them one by one, right?

Or is Fister just another in a long series of "Pay us lots of money for an OS that doesn't actually *do* anything... so you can pay more to go buy the applications in order to actually get anything done" ripoffs?

At least tell us Fister can finally run, safely, without the need of AV software. That would at least be a step forward. You know, AV software - like the Ubuntu versions the OP brought up simply *don't need*? Yeah, those. Or is Fister going to be just as helpless and fragile as every other version of Windows, needing that sort of crap to hold its poor little hand?

6 Versions of Vista Are they nuts 3340
Jim Richardson on Sunday 05 March 2006 06:25 Behave yourself. Evenflatfishdoes not degrade to this level. Probably just a bad day for him...

-- MS, because work should be measured by effort, rather than result.

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6 Versions of Vista Are they nuts 3340

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