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A GNOME versus KDE Debate Revived

Larry Qualig on Thursday 18 May 2006 01:14

True. KDE is a dog, but it's a tradeoff which involves resources and power (as in "function").

Actually, the background pictures help orientation, at in my case. Looking at KPager and identifying the desktop with the bright yellow frame takes longer than an overall impression (background picture). Furthermore, I quite like having 4500 pixel-wide wallpapers that are connected at the edges of the virtual desktops. It complements that sense of spatial orientation in a large environment.

Debian now distributing cracking tools
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, DFS wrote on Wed, 17 May 2006 13:59:54 -0400 And remember, security by obscurity (in this case, of the packets going across the 'Net...

KPager in KDE 3.1 does that as well. KDE 3.4 does it even more efficiently than its predecessor. Windows and desktops are displayed as pixmaps, as well.

Do you really hate Microsoft
A friend brought it up the other day asking me if I hated Microsoft (I refused to consider windows for a new machine I had purchased). Forced me to think about some of my atbreastudes...

I never argue against the use of GNOME. I still have Ubuntu. *smile*

KDE is the Kernel Hackers Desktop Environment. Is it at all surprising that a developer such as Linus prefers it to GNOME, which is generally more simplistic. Besides, isn't Linus *THE* Kernel Hacker? He is the "K" in KDE.

My experience tells me that you need to know KDE fairly in order to take full advantage of it. I started with GNOME if I recall correctly. After many years with KDE, I continue to discover more KDE tricks every single day. Even *without* upgrading it. If you ask me, KDE is extremely innovative. Extremely!

There are many things that I could point out, which are possible to do in KDE, yet are inexistent in other desktop environment, OS X and Windows XP included. The list would be very long.

That was a very ugly statement. Just to think that GNOME are the less commercially inclined... and they serve that kernel of Linus so well and open the door to both the desktop and the server room.

They have tightened their relationshop to xfce, that's for sure.

Microsoft endurece su política contra los Windows piratas Un programa instalado en el ordenador recordará periódicamente la...

(note: there are more recent and relevant references than this early 'scoop')

Best wishes,


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Debian now distributing cracking tools

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A GNOME versus KDE Debate Revived