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African American Linux Users

On Friday 28 October 2005 19:41, dysfirkin stood up and spoke the following words to the mbuttes incomp.os.linux.advocacy...:

I'm in Europe, which means that I'm probably awake when you Americans sleep, and vice versa. You guys should really begin contemplating that there are other countries in the world beside the United States of

In addition, there are also three other groups that I read and post in before I come tocomp.os.linux.advocacy- which has a very high frequency of getting new posts to wade through - and I have yet another group to read through after I've finished this one. In other words: give a man some time to breathe, okay? ;-)

LinuxOSS organizations will never be able to do this 13444
The racist, liar and software thief Wbutter (flatfish) nymshifted: You lately posted as Aftab Singh, allisonhunt1968 plus 1, Anna Banger, anonymous, Archie Watermann, Baba Booey, Babu Singh,, bison, Bjarne Jensen, BklynBoy, bonobo...

Oh, and by the way... You are in mykillfile,so I only see what you type when others quote you.

Here we go with the racist crap again...

What you are asking is something I myself have difficulty answering, but I'll do my best... See, in my point of view, racial segregation is a bad thing.

GNU-Linux - as it is Free Software - is a very democratic platform. It supports all kinds of architectures, it supports multiple languages - including lots of native African languages; something Windows does *not* support - and since it's available for download at no cost, it's available to rich and poor.

Now, I am willing to acknowledge that there are sub-communities among people. You yourself were referring to the Afro-American subculture, here in Europe, we have lots of North Africans and other Muslims - Europe itself is mainly Christian - and God knows whatever subcultures there all may be in Africa and the Far East.

Why Does Karel"de Jazz" Jansen's Posts Upset This Group So Much
Why? Because this group is comprised of mostly rabid linux advocates who because of their blindfolds can't see the forest for the tress. These people...

I for one prefer seeing people as people. I myself am Caucasian, but as I have mentioned to the racist DFS - you may safely ignore him; he's in mykillfilefor a good reason ;-) - a few times, my second cousin is Afro-European - her father was African, her mother Belgian.

In addition to my political and Christian beliefs, my being afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome makes me see and treat every person seriously and with the same level of respect.

This all said, if you feel that there is a community barrier between Caucasian and African Americans which would really still stand in a context of Information Technology, then there should indeed be some initiatives to introduce GNU-Linux to the Afro-American youngsters.

However - and being European, I may grossly be wrong here - I believe that even the Caucasian American youngsters could benefit from such an introduction. I don't really think the barrier is racial as much as I think it is educational, and possibly age-bound.

Either way, the younger generations are the ones who make up for the "new" IT users. They are the ones who make the IT community grow, and I think it's more important to point out to them that there really are other operating systems than what Microsoft has people believe.

Why Does flatfish Posts Upset This Group So Much
Astroturfing bonobo magilla Why? Because this group is comprised of mostly rabid windi advocates who because of their blindfolds can't see the forest for the tress. Or spell...

Maybe they will be the ones who will eventually demand that their first computer comes with something other installed than Windows.

I think this outrises any racial contexts... In the end, we're all human, and - to paraphrase myself from an earlier post - if and when we will one day encounter intelligent other-world lifeforms, it will become very clear just how obviously we of the Planet Earth are all brothers and sisters... ;-)

-- With kind regards,

*Aragorn* (Registered GNU-Linux user #223157)

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Why Does Karel"de Jazz" Jansen's Posts Upset This Group So Much

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