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Aint Linux Great. But not everyone thinks so

Well, that's nifty! 14362
In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Daniel Tryba wrote on 05 Apr 2005 14:25:32 GMT There are multiple issues here -- one of them may simply...

begin Error log for Wed, 06 Apr 2005 07:08:15 +0000 - John Slade caused a details as follows .vbs

One thing I have noticed about hardcore gamers is that they tend to be control freaks when it comes to their systems. They fiddle and tweak as much as possible to be able to squeeze every last bit of performance from their systems for maximum fragability.

The thing is, with that other POS, there's only so much that you can tweak it since it's so locked down. It seems to me that Linux would be the ideal platform for someone who wants maximum control since it is completely open and you can tweak it down to atomic level.

The performance benefits of compiling a custom kernel with optimizations specific for your particular hardware and setup alone provide a mbuttive improvement in performance. This is something that is not even an option with proprietary commercial platforms, while it is commonplace with Linux.

Linux is the ideal platform for the discriminating gamer. Now if only the vendors would take their thumbs out of their buttes and realize this, perhaps we would start seeing more breastles being released native for the platform and then it would be one less reason for why Little Johnny can't use Linux.

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Well, that's nifty! 14362

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