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Break out the Linux install DVD... again and again and again 16592


No I don't know what they mean when they say no choice. They can buy or download Linux, or BeOS, or many other OSes.

Except for CD burning - my burner is in an old system - I've done all that, every single task, on Linux. Windows users have been taking it for granted for years. Linux users hold their breath that their hardware will be recognized.

Open Office wins hands down on speed 16597
begin Error Log for Sun, 12 Jun 2005 22:34:48 +0000 - 7 details as follows: This really pains me to say, but this is just not right. I'm not going to call this...

Neither do I, but they just appear - all the time. I just wanted to get Firefox up and running, but Linux thwarted me.

? No Windows problem is too trivial for cola to insult. No Bill Gates utterance. No MS announcement.

If you knew Linux like you say you know Linux (which you don't), you'd understand that particular bug potentially affects any Gtk+2 based C++ application, which could easily be hundreds.

It's not funny how it keeps turning up. It's a hbuttle. I can't read my NTFS parbreastion from Linux - but Linux tricks me by putting the icons on the desktop and entries in fstab. I change my screen resolution using the Mandrake Control Center (go into the graphical server option), and sometimes (not always - which is sloppier), it kicks me out of X and leaves me sitting at a command line.

Do you have an NTFS parbreastion on that drive or on a different drive in the same computer?

Ever poked through their packages? Of course not, or you'd diss them too.

That is one disturbed, disgusting fat man.

I knew it. You chickenpoo weasel. You say you'd be ashamed to know as little as me, but you won't take a simple test to prove it.

Here's my results, from March 14 2005:

Red Hat Linux Essentials Pre-buttessment Questionnaire Topic - Evaluation - Score Basic Filesystem and File Commands - Substantial Knowledge - 3 The Linux Filesystem Layout - Deep Understanding - 4 Permissions and Attributes - Substantial Knowledge - 3 Manipulating Floppy Disks - Familiarity - 1 The vi and vim Editors - Substantial Knowledge - 3 Regular Expressions - Substantial Knowledge - 3 Standard Input and Output System - Substantial Knowledge - 3 Process Control - Substantial Knowledge - 3 Client-side Encrypted Communications - Deep Understanding - 4 bash Command Line Shortcuts - Unfamiliar - 0 Shell Scripting - Familiarity - 1 Task Automation - Familiarity - 1

Total Score: 29

Conclusion: Your knowledge of the materials at this skill level is spotty.

But I want to.

A rational man.

You're so melodramatic, boy.

Another kier evasion.

Sure I do.

Just two would be fine.

Isn't that exactly what cola bozos expect of Windows? Yes, of course it is.

Of course it did. Firefox for Windows: perfect install. Firefox for Linux: bogus error and waste of time.

I don't troll or lie. I do correct lies.

That's exactly how the world sees Linux "advocates."

And Linux has the market share it deserves. And the respect.

Which ones?

So you have your own bedroom. You still live with them.

Linux users: alone with their pain.

Break out the Linux install DVD... again and again and again 16593
On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 19:49:54 -0400, DFS Yes you do know what they mean. How many ordinary users know...

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Break out the Linux install DVD... again and again and again 16593

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Break out the Linux install DVD... again and again and again 16591