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Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13374

Um, actually, they replaced Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows. Unless you think either of the former OSes run on "Dell hardware"?

"Thinkpads" aren't servers. And I explicitly noted that they didn't forcibly change the clients - they don't require *anything* specific about the clients except supporting the standards.

Haven't wanted or needed it, but if I did, well, there's Crossover Office. Or QEMU-VMware. (Already working on that for the kids games.) But like Office, most people don't need the esoteric features of Quicken; GnuCash or Moneydance or any number of open-source programs work quite well.

However, what the heck, let's pretend that, for people who have Quicken, it's a brick wall with no options if they want to switch. Okay, so Linux is out. There's still OSX...

That's not the point, Bill. If the servers aren't tied to Microsoft-only protocols (like the bastardized Kerberos in Active Directory) then Macs are perfectly viable clients for those who want them. That's all I want, a free market with active compebreastion. OSes are not a natural monopoly and should not suffer the inefficiencies of a monopoly.

Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13375
Well take the Bryant University client software for example, Bob. If you look around the Bryant site or even go back and read the...

No, you just don't *admit* that is the case. I just mentioned their corruption of Kerberos, for example.

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Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13375

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Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13373