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Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13375

Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13378
billwg schreef: So moving the goal posts is your idea of "the original idea"? The term 'logical fallacy' does not ring any...

Well take the Bryant University client software for example, Bob. If you look around the Bryant site or even go back and read the previous COLA thread on this announcement, you see that there is no other solution to their problem. Some totally independent company sold them a ton of software that fits their needs. The authors of the software do not offer a linux version, presumably because they don't see the wisdom in trying to lead a shift that would not offer them any business advantage. To get the work done in the future, somebody is going to have to step up to the plate and eat the development cycle time and take the risk that not enough consumers may follow the lead in order to make up for the investment.

Linux is AFAICT fully capable of launching software that achieves these ends, but that software does not exist and linux doesn't do any better of a job at supporting it. Other than the OS price, which seems to be paid in other ways anyway if you choose linux, there is no advantage ever for linux.

It would be far better and much more efficient all around if the energy being expended in reinventing the OS wheel were spent in simply improving the one that everyone is using.

Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13377
Not at all, dutch! You have just come to an understanding of the original idea! Congratulations. Ah, but that has been discussed. Very few true businesses are switching. A few dinks with their...

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Linux's Advantages For The Software Developer 13377

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Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13374