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Building IT Infrastructure in UK Schools

BECTA (British Education Communication Technology Agency), is the UK agency in charge of defining IT policy for all schools in the United Kingdom. Among other things, they define standards for infrastructure for all the schools in the country.

BECTA's research into the Total Cost of Ownership of IT in schools showed significant savings by the early adopters of open source software. You can read the full report PDF for yourself.

Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13374
Um, actually, they replaced Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows. Unless you think either of the former OSes run on "Dell hardware"? "Thinkpads" aren't servers. And I explicitly noted that they didn't forcibly change...

Since then, BECTA has taken a much greater corporate interest in open source and open standards issues. While the organisation will probably claim to have always supported open standards for interoperability the profile and emphasis on these issues has certainly never been higher.

They recently published a comprehensive document PDF describing the policy for infrastructure in schools:

Bryant University standardizes on Linux 13373
As an aside, I am completely unsurprised that you ignored the main point of my post, which is impressive considering it's the subject of the thread. But anyway...) Nah, a desktop distribution is just fine...

In the new policy, schools are mandated to use software that saves files in open formats (see pages 25 and 26).


Bryant University standardizes on Linux
Bryant University in Rhode Island was ranked the the "second most connected campus in America" by the Princeton Review in October 2004. The school offers a wide...

As you can see, the OpenDocument format is in the list, and the Microsoft .doc and MS XML formats are not. BECTA comments on this decision:

Any office application used by insbreastutions must be able to be saved to (and so viewed by others) using a commonly agreed format that ensures an insbreastution is not locked into using specific software. The main aim is for all office based applications to provide functionality to meet the specifications described here (whether licensed software, open source or unlicensed freeware) and thus many application providers could supply the educational insbreastution ICT market.

-- Rich Bell in thread: Things I couldn't do if I switched to Linux I am connected to the Net using a Linksys WRT54G router. I don't get hacked.

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Bryant University standardizes on Linux

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