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Commercial code is better: Cedega VS Wine 3367

"Alan"posted the following on 2006-03-09:

Its a company trying to get games written for the PC running on Linux. It would be good advocacy.

Possibly more likely for those in a professional environment though : see your own words below on "advanced things" getting into XEmacs and being left there with no support. Direct consequence of lack of QA department which can cost money to fund : of course if you are willing to give the time then the free SW users will come a-screaming soon enough :)

Thats nice. Do you really thing that paying *good* programmers is not a good idea? Good programmers working full time will be far more productive than those who just do it for the love of it. As with all things there are exceptions. My own experience with a lot of Linux apps is that the system level stuff is rock solid but the apps are a very mixed bag.

If RMS couldnt read it then "advanced" is a euphemism for "rubbish" or "hacked in " I suspect.

Oh rubbish : Linux proves that.

Which for apps is more often than not professionally written apps with a good QA cycle, documentation and support. Doesn't mean free stuff has to be rubbish : look at Emacs, gimp, open office (not rock solid though), firefox etc. Most better than their professional opposition.

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You were trolling?

Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3368 plus 1
Larry Qualig Understandable. I just haven't reached a point where writing those kinds of things by hand is a problem for...

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Linux apps like Quicken are badly needed 3368

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Commercial code is better: Cedega VS Wine 3366