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Cursor movement in Linux 16611

Hey Tim,

Yes and I agree with you. The captured image will look correct with the ClearType-sub-pixel hinting on the same monitor. After I made my original post I realized that what I said was not very clear (no pun intended).

But the caveats to this are:

#1 - The ClearType image will actually look worse on a CRT display. For the reasons you mention which is basically that a CRT doesn't have groups of pixels like an LCD monitor.

#2 - Most LCD monitors have their "sub-pixels" (group of 3 pixels) arranged in a RGB configuration. Meaning that the left-most pixel is red followed by a green pixel and the blue-pixel is on the right. BUT... some monitors (like the NEC that I own) use a BGR pixel configuration. The pixels are in reverse order which will make the image actually look worse instead of better. (ClearType has a setting for RGB vs BGR pixel ordering.)

#3 - The ClearType comes with a setup utility to optimize the amount of sub-pixel aliasing that gets applied to fonts. You go through the wizard step-by-step and adjust the settings for the optimal display. This lets the user adjust the settings to best match the specific make of LCD monitor and the current settings (brightness, contrast, etc). So the amount of hinting that ClearType does for one display will most likely not be the same amount needed by another display.

Cursor movement in Linux 16612
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So you will be able to get a screen capture but it is highly unlikely that the hinting will reproduce properly on monitors other than the one where the image was generated.

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Cursor movement in Linux 16612

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