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Disenchanted with Windows & Linux 13205

Thomas Wootten

One common criticism of Linux is the existence of, for example, both the Gnome and KDE window managers, which each easily have sufficient popularity to go on indefinitely, without even thinking about the less common WMs.

Disenchanted with Windows & Linux 13207
Yow Apple has free memberships to their development program (you don't get access to beta or developer discounts-programs, but you do get access to technical documentation, dev kit updates, and...

Frequently the new, or I might even say, the "Windows-oriented" new user (or journalist!) finds the existence of multiple WM projects incomprehensible, and may buttert that Linux can never be "successful" until it can definitely settle on one particular graphical environment.

Now depending how you choose to look at it, the window manager graphical environment could certainly be regarded as a core element of the whole working software system; yet I would certainly buttert that the choice allowed by having multiple GUI's available is a positive advantage and a Good Thing (tm), *even if* it leads to a degree of duplication of effort on the human-computer interface and a concern application developers need to deal with as their programs may operate under Gnome, KDE, or indeed something less well-known.

Another useful example which comes to mind is the transition from Xfree86 to Xorg, which again seems like a core component, but I'm not that au fait with what really happened over that, so I think I ought to go and find out some more before expressing any opinions :-)

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On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 08:17:33 -0500, Lin┐nut There's basically one core Windowing team. There's basically only one core web server team. Yes...

-- JPB

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Disenchanted with Windows & Linux 13206

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