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Sorry T.J... The con is up
Hi TJGravityPhysics and HaHaHanson, T.J., I said you're probably a ConfidenceMan and a badbutt SpeedFreak. You told me: You're a crack head jeff. I've never even tasted...

we aren't talking about a "wave" but an actual physical decision to "make a selection", until computers can quickly read three dimensional matrixes, you're going to have to "touch" the item you want.

1 is an absolute "decision", having 2, 3 options weakens a program and the user's ability to make the correct choice.

then why not add 15 more for your other hand and toes? wouldn't that be better according to your unsophisticated logic? again, a single button is correct since it's an "absolute decision".

yes, and your mouse works fine on the mac, so you have nothing to worry about.

same with a single button mouse, you just simply speed up the acceleration. you can "fly" through a machine, with a single pointer, just as Xerox proved long ago.

if you don't know what you are doing, or have your mouse speed incorrectly set, yes.

great, most mac users use the mouse to select the section, then the keyboard for those actions.

great! then osx will support you way of doing things.

yeah, and I saw that later too, that must of happened at the launch 10 days ago with the iMacs, most macs still only ship with a single button, all powerbooks, ibook, obviously do.

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Sorry T.J... The con is up

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