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Do you really hate Microsoft

Do you really hate Microsoft 5106
I know what you mean -- those kind of accusations get tossed out here by the MS supporters pretty frequently, too. I...

A friend brought it up the other day asking me if I hated Microsoft (I refused to consider windows for a new machine I had purchased). Forced me to think about some of my atbreastudes. I do not hate Microsoft, though I do have plenty of mirthful contempt for most aspects of its main software products (their mice and keyboards are *great*, being some of the best designed pieces of hardware in that clbutt).

Microsoft's business practices are very often unethical, but then which monopoly in history hasn't been ? To their credit, Gates is one of the biggest philanthropists around. Even the case of Microsoft (and others like Cisco, Yahoo, Google, etc.) co-operating with the Chinese gestapo in suppressing Chinese people does not excite any hatred. Heck, it is the cost of doing business with China, and we cannot expect US businesses to be the conscience keepers of a totalitarian foreign government. No, sir, I do not hate Microsoft, only have contempt for most of its software products.

If there are companies that I hate, it is the Walmarts of this world - companies that treat their employees like s*** and freeload off the social welfare system.

Just thought that I would bring this up since I sometimes read comments bordering on hate in the newsgroup.

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Do you really hate Microsoft 5106

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