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(Mac users... insert comment here!)

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John A. Bailo It's not about the apps.? Wow you Linux nuts are sooooooo out of touch...

Always great when what works in theory also works in practice. An old C++ book I have (Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms by James Coplien from AT&T labs) has a good quote. He says something like "Software applications are like philosophy during the design stage but usually end up like leaky plumbing."

Ahh, back when manuals were actually printed. Lots of benefits to actually having printed manuals but I'll admit that I do like the search capabilities of electronic docs.

(Shudder) - I feel your pain. I once worked for a large company that bought a smaller european company. We decided to port their product to Windows 3.0. That alone is disturbing but that's only the tip of the ice-burg.

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GreyCloud Actually, at that time, MS did not have a monopoly - and MS had no...

The product was orginally written in europe for DOS4. Not "DOS 4.0" that we had here in the states. DOS4 was a multi-tasking version of DOS that was never released in the USA. It was so bad that it was instantly abandoned by MSFT. (And that's saying a lot.) The european company then decided they were going to port the product from DOS4 to OS-2. Not OS-2 "presentation manager" (the GUI) but OS-2 character mode.

So now we buy this company and we have to port an OS-2 character mode app that was originally written for a hack called DOS4 to the new Windows 3.0.

Uggghhhh. I still cringe.

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