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Don't Ever Tell The Truth About Linux In Comp.Os.Linux.Advocacy

A genuine question for a change. 13426
Aragorn I was very, very dru^H^H^Hangry at the time (pun only valid in the...
A genuine question for a change. 13427
On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 10:27:14 -0800, John Bailo Is your version of 10.0 the boxed or the OSS version. Currently I use 9.2 professional. It...

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My experience with Windows vs Linux is similar: Every time I reinstall Windows, I am left with a non-functional system: 640x480, 8-bit color display, no sound, no networking-- keyboard, mouse, and...

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A genuine question for a change. 13426

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Don't Ever Tell The Truth About Linux In Comp.Os.Linux.Advocacy