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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13154

DFS wrote something like:

Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13156
John Bailo I thought it was great. Funny and revealing. Pretty much unfair to McDonalds' (Microsoft) because...

I don't see any reason to buy software that only does what I get for free with OOo and other software. I also have no need to steal it. It's not particularly worth stealing and since this is a business I don't really want to have to deal with the legal issues of MS...

Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13155
DFS I thought that movie was idiotic. Today, while driving to work, a "clean and pure...

I also don't particularly like MS as a company, but there are a lot of companies I don't deal with because I don't particularly like them. Another example might be McDonalds as they also sell a lot of crap and pretend it's a good thing...

No problem with free, although I bought OS-2 before that over cheaper windows OS's. With linux you get better for less. Good deal.

Maybe you need to relax more. Life is too short, Duty.

I'm guessing what really peees you off is that you are locked in to windows and you can't even get this linux thing to work while some dumbbutt Oz farmer and his dimwit wife use it every day.

Ah well, you keep at it and you'll figure it out one day.

-- - I use linux. Can anyone give me a good reason to use Windows? -

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Excel "Can't Handle It." !!! 13155

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